The Breaker: Chapt 68/69- A Horrible Master Or Not?

GRRR, stupid alliance chief. >_>

The Alliance Chief dude is pissing me off. =.= He is such a horrible person and it is incomprehensible how he was able to take up such a high-ranking position. I really thought either Chun Woon would sacrifice his life in exchange for Shioon’s as Chun Woon’s master did for him. But Chun Woon came up with another method and that was to expel him.

And then suddenly, Chun Woon punches Shioon along with the Chief. The chief deserved that but Shioon didn’t.

So, if Chun Woon looks sad after doing what he’s done, it’s probably because he didn’t want to do so but had no choice.

ahah, He should've been careful and not call her a hag. It pissed her off and she kicked him. Super hard. Must have hurt badly for him.

He broke Shioon’s Danjeon, probably his core which generates KI needed for learning martial arts. I doubt Shioon will sit idly and live life as a normal human being after going through so much. It’s just not possible for him to return to the life he was living and he probably doesn’t even want to.

New characters possibly? Well, judging from this picture, they seem interesting.. ahah, judging them based on their clothing/silhouettes. If they might be new characters, they’ll probably appear in the next few chapters to freshen things up a bit.

Will this turn into a story of where the expelled disciple goes out in search for his master? Will Shioon be able to practice martial arts and continue to get stronger again?– This is something I believe will happen because… it just will. >.> Hopefully they will be new characters because it’s needed.. The story has been a bit sad. not even a bit of comedy or rather they couldn’t cause it would ruin what they had going on. But it’s been too serious in these past few chapters.

Does anyone agree with Kangsung saying things like Chun Woon not worth being called master and all that? I disagree with him because Shioon is important to him and he shows it through his actions. He probably did it with good intentions in heart/mind.

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