Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 12-Together For Eternity…

I cannot believe this series has finally come to an end or rather I didn’t want it to end.

I didn’t expect for Ciel to become a demon but he did. Aww, Claude dies but he’s together with Alois, Luka, and Hannah now.

Ciel considers the self, burdened with a humiliating past, dead the moment he was reborn as a demon.
Well, Sebastian was ordered to be Ciel’s butler until he could devour Ciel’s soul. Since Ciel became a demon, Sebastian couldn’t take his soul which means that he is to serve Ciel for all eternity. Sebby doesn’t look too happy about it. >_< but Ciel is fine with it, maybe even happy about it. ahah.

It was a nice ending… sort of. At least Ciel didn’t die, so it’s all good. The ending didn’t necessarily wrap the series up with a definite ending. It’s possible that there could be a third season continuing the story with how Ciel deals with being a demon.
I feel that this ending was good. It’s now up to the audience’s imagination to come up with an ending of their own of Ciel and Sebastian’s fate together.

This series by far is one of the most amazing ones I’ve seen except for that one filler episode. >_>

Kuroshitsuji II had the mysterious characters, alluring plot, and unique twists to make the series highly enjoyable and special, at least for me.

I think a third season is possible but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The ending to this is good and it makes me wonder what they’ll add to make another season happen. I wouldn’t mind having everything end with this episode but who knows.
Do you think it was a good ending? Should there be another season? Is it possible that it will continue?


4 responses to “Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 12-Together For Eternity…

  1. waah i saw it inmediately after i found out it had ended.. unfortunately i also saw a spoiler >_< the ending was nice, sebastian and ciel together forever XD (i usually don't like gay pairings but i can't imagine ciel without seby). anyway, i was expecting 25 eps like the first season T_T.
    well we still got the umm ova.. ciel in wonderland XD
    and i read about rumor of a possible spin-off or alternate version of the anime that will actually follow the manga more closely. let's hope its true, i want moar sebastian!

    • ahah, I saw a spoiler too. >.> sort of ruined it for me. yeahh, doesn’t seem right for them not being together. :3
      Aww, really? Well, it’ll be nice to have an anime following the manga.
      I always looked forward to watching the new episodes of Kuroshitsuji but no more.. >.<

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