BLEACH 419/420

First of all I’ll like to make notice that I don’t have internet at home T_T so Im currently posting this from collage ;p I’m not sure if its chapter 421 or 422 since I can’t check right now. Also, no pics, sorry.

So let’s see, last time I left off when Ichigo had slashed Aizen.

This time I’ll reviewing 2 chapters, and I most remark.. amazing chapters!

DEICIDE 21 / 22

Aizen being slashed suddenly retreats, to this, Ichigo provokes him by telling him: “Now you are the one keeping a distance.” Aizen gets furious and like you were probably expecting, Aizen transforms yet again. This time he gets uglier than ever ;P The point is, he inmediately attacks Ichigo with his new power causing a big explosion. But Ichigo is unaffected except for his clothes, so his upper body is now uncovered. *Fangirls enjoy!* The chapter ends, if my poor memory isn’t failing me, with Ichigo acting cool: “Is that all you’ve got?”

So on the next chapter  (this is still on the same chapter), Aizen is still shocked by Ichigo’s “presoumptous” actitude, and starts attacking but Ichigo seems to get tired and decides to show the “Final Getsuga”. (Actual chapter starts here) Aizen gasps, “what is that?” Then we get a flashback, that’s right, from Ichigo’s internal fighting with Tensa Zangetsu that was left unconcluded. So, Tensa was fencing against Ichigo and it looked like he had the upperhand since he was beating the crap out of Ichigo, but his opponent wouldn’t give up. On the other hand, Ichigo felt something strange, it was like with every slash he could feel sadness from Tensa. The battle went on, until Ichigo receives his opponent blade directly. Tensa acts impressed of Ichigo’s action, but suddenly a tear falls. “Why are you crying?”-Ichigo asks. “Remember that I told you that what you want to protect is not what I want to protect. What I wanted to protect… was you.” Then he adds, “the final getsuga is different, its has a cost..” And we back to the present, and what’s this? Ichigo speaks: “The final getsuga requires to become getsuga itself” And so, we see a completely new person: tall, with long black (or at least I think its black) hair, his face half covered, sort of like a ninja. He then continues, “to use this technique I have to sacrifice all my shinigami powers.” *Aha! so that was it.* Then we get inside Aizen’s thoughts that conclude that Ichigo had “evolved” into a higher standing level or “dimension” as he refers, than him. Basically, Aizen doesn’t have a chance against Ichigo now.. unless Kubo makes up something, but let’s move on.. After the awesome spread with new Ichigo, and his small explanation Ichigo finally decides to attack: “Mugetsu” (im pretty sure it was that… >_<  ok checked and fixed) “ALL RETRUNS TO NOTHING!…” and …. the chapter ends! XD

So that’s it, what’s going to happen? Im guessing that Aizen will evolve again or the hougyouku will take over Aizen’s body and this will be the real battle, that will end with Ichigo destroying the “undestroyable” orb. XD Off course, aizen will die on the proccess and then peace comes temporarily until we get yet a new arc of Bleach.. but that’s just me speculating really fast. Ok gotta go, HYuni over and out =]


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