BLEACH: Chapter 418 DEICIDE 20

NOTE! [i’m posting this a bit late coz i was too busy and my internet is so crappy right now… but better late than never, right?]

Last week we heard read ichigo say: “I’ll finish this in a instant”… and so this week the final battle starts!

So after Aizen being pushed to a far away place, he reaches to the conclusion that Ichigo does not emit any reiatsu because he has “thrown” it away to get in exchange a super boost on physical strength.. personally, I wonder about that, but  let’s move on. After his taking we see Aizen transform yet again… this time he get extra wings >_< and the action begins. To tell you the truth this is kinda hard to describe for me, but basically they clash swords and *woot* a mountain gets slashed in half. So to this, Aizen takes a break to explain that his sword can now change the shape of earth with a single swing and then he continues on saying how happy he is coz he will be able to test his power with him >_< so after his monologue he goes for an attack and boom we see a clash and rocks flying everywhere, so we get a close up and we see that they are crossing swords, and Aizen is still in the mood to boast about his power by saying: “I can bring myself to crush your sword in a single blow!” and he actually is going to do it, BUT! dun-dun-dun! (prepare urself for awesomeness! ready? ok, here it goes.) Ichigo BLOCKED Aizen’s sword with his bare hand! Moments like this remind me that I LIKE BLEACH. Oh but let’s continue with the summary…

So.. after the pic above, we see more explosions.. and Aizen is VERY surprised… like.. “NOT as planned”? XD And Ichigo speaks for… the first time on the chapter: “Scared? Of what’s in front of your eyes now? Of something happening that you cannot understand?” And exactly like Ichigo says, you can that Aizen panics and decides to go with kidou and chants the black box thing (the one that he does way back at the end of the soul society arc). But guest what? Ichigo was easily able to destroy it >_< So at the end of the chapter we see him slash Aizen.

Ok, I know that this seems waaay to easy but I liked it coz its been ages since I saw pwning Ichigo XP and despite that Kubo Tite might just reverse everything by saying it was all an ilusion or something, I loved this chapter.

so.. is bleach reaching it end?

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