Bakuman: Chapter 98\99


Chapter 98: Handshake and Readjustment

This week we get a color spread celebrating the series 2nd year of serialization. Love how they are cosplaying their characters XP

Ok, at the beginning of the chapter we get a flashback of Iwase when she entered Middle-school and first met Takagi. Basically its a retelling of how she fell in love with him, yet also saw him as a rival. So, one day she decides to present herself to him and told him: “Let’s do our best!”… going back to the present we see that Takagi had finished his draft for the last chapter for their arc and Masshiro had completed his design for his new character, but Takagi seems weird… still he goes on to meet his editor to make the final discussion for the chapter, there he expresses that he still think something is lacking…. but what is it? Just as he finishes he meets Iwase, whom was also on a meeting… and ding-ding a light bulb turns up… Takagi basically tells her that he wants to win, and so this time he’s the one saying: “Let’s do our best!”. and that was reason for the flashback >_<… anyway, when Takagi returns to studio he rushes to change the ending… the new character (forgot the name XP) will be the rival for PCP.

And so results on the next chapter..

Chapter 99: Tears of Disappointment And Tears of Joy

Takagi and Masshiro receive a call from the editor, the results have come in and…. THEY’VE MADE IT!  they got 4th place, Natural+ got 6th…. but they didn’t win over Crow  >_< Still they won, so they can continue publishing of Shounen Jump, and just while they were talking about that, the Chief Editor approaches and tells on the phone, that he is very pleased with them, and hopes for them to keep changing Shounen Jump XD

Iwase on the other hand.. also finds out about the news on her meeting but she seems not to care much about it coz she’s planning to beat them over anyway… but when her editor leaves, she starts to cry… thus the chapter’s title >_<

So what else…? well… great news, PCP is getting a drama cd! obviously when they heard about it they were shocked though, truthfully they were expecting and anime, since Otters, Crow, Natural+ all had one… not a drama cd XP still they were glad, specially Masshiro because Azuki will get the chance to voice one of his characters.

Oh but there’s more… at the end of the chapter we see the Chief Editor saying: Why are they rushing it?… and on the desk we see a proposal for an animation for PCP! What will happen now? Will they get their so dreamed anime or will something go wrong?


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