The Breaker: Chapter 67- Your Whining Is Embarrassing, Shioon

OMG, I didn’t expect for the Alliance Chief to show up now of all times, heck, I even forgot about his presence. But forreals? How dare you kick Chun Woon. Why are you even alive? GRRRR. >.> As you can tell, he’s my least favorite character for this series.

Well, Shioon broke into tears and I can’t say that I didn’t expect it. I was just hoping that he’d be a man and stop crying for a little? heh.

The words reached him but it still wasn’t enough to help Chun Woon get control over himself. Chun Hyuk wants to go save Shioon but can’t. At this point, I really, like SERIOUSLY, thought Shioon would allow Goomoonryong to deliver another blow. But guess, what?

Shioon, I am so proud of you for that punch right there. I was expecting it but good job. Was anyone as surprised as I am that he actually punched Goomoonryong? I was just speechless here and in awe that he finally did what he had to do instead of just using words. Words aren’t enough and actions amplify what being said.

These two pages really got me. Can you read that very last box of the page, it says: ” Would you quit your whining? ‘Cuz it’s really embarrassing.” Hah, I just read that part like it was nothing because I didn’t expect for Chun Woon to return to his self. Well, I got to the next page and I laughed with relief. Everyone had that “Wait, what the hell just happened?” look which was also funny. Persistence and determination worked in favor of Shioon.

Kangsung speculates that it was Shioon’s previous punch that woke Chun Woon from his rage. And then, the one to ruin everything is… the stupid Alliance Chief. Forreals? You were almost killed by Goomoonryong but everything is alright now and you’re going to start trouble again? You will get ripped apart if Chun Woon’s only important person left gets hurt. So I suggest you take your hands off Shioon NOW.

I’m super happy with the direction of the plot because it’s starting to become unique and not so predictable anymore. Shioon had some character development and has become more instigating instead of being on the sidelines and hoping for change. He’s bringing about change himself. In order to keep the story going, I’m guessing the author had the Alliance Chief do what he did to create more obstacles for master and disciple to overcome.

What will happen when Shioon is in the Alliance Chief’s hands? How do all the other characters feel about this? What will Chun Woon do?

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