Psyren: Chapter 132-Amamiya's Other Half

Call 132- “Other Half”

Shiner thinks he can’t be defeated especially since Amamiya lost to him once; she won’t be able to beat him again. Starting from the beginning, she doesn’t hold back nor wait to use her Nova when it’s needed. Right from the start, she uses her full powers and puts everything she has into this battle.

Believing he can read Amamiya, he went for Lan and Van so that Amamiya would attack him from behind. So she did attack him from behind and then he teleported behind her and is overjoyed by the fact that he’s caught her… SIKE. All Shiner got was a fake Amamiya which might be a body double created from her PSI. And then…

Surprise, Surprise. There’s two Amamiya, Amamiya and Abyss Amamiya, and this time, they’re cooperating with each other. I think Nova allows Amamiya to pull out her other self. Well, I was wrong. >.< Darknives says, ‘Nova enhances all aspects of her powers but it’s her sword that allows her to call out Abyss Amamiya as the sword acts as a mirror’. ahah, I thought it was hilarious and cute that Abyss Amamiya could easily say something like that out loud. Must have been awkward for the conservative Amamiya and Ageha. Shiner is getting pissed because I guess it was hurting his pride/honor that he could allow himself to be injured.

So we have Amamiya reading the enemy’s mind and the Abyss Amamiya executing attacks and counterattacks when information of the next action is relayed from Amamiya to Abyss. Easily, Shiner is defeated and he deserved it because he over-estimated himself and his abilities. Now, she understands that they are ‘two parts of one’ and it’s unfair to have the Abyss shoulder all the burdens. Heh, Abyss Amamiya wants to go on dates with Ageha. :3

This chapter really shows the readers how much more powerful people can be when they acquire Nova but there are consequences for using such a power. Are the consequences worth it? When using the Nova, the brain is heavily strained which makes me question if that will have any effect on the user such as one’s lifespan decreasing with each use?
The easy defeat of Shiner makes me question if Amamiya and Ageha are too powerful? It makes sense that they need to power up but I feel like they are a tab bit too powerful or was it that Shiner was just too weak? It’ll be clearer when the two of them go up against another enemy.

Which half of Amamiya do you think is stronger? Or are they both equal in terms of strength? Even though Amamiya and Ageha have acquired Nova, will it be enough to defeat all of W.I.S.E. and be able to return to the days of before? Is Frederica alright? What happened to Marie?


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