2010 Upcoming Fall Anime Season

Paper and HYuni’s opinions on the upcoming Animes and OVAs.
Is there a series that either one of us said that we would skip but YOU think we should watch? Tell us~~ :3 So then, which ones are you looking forward to watching and which ones are you not?
Chart from TheCartDriver

Anime Series:

Star Driver
HYuni: “A mysterious island with hidden sleeping giants.” In other words, mecha theme anime. Truthfully, I’m not into that kind of anime, but hey some known seiyuus (Fukuyama Jun, Sakamoto Maaya & Miyano Mamoru) will be working on this, so I might give it a chance.
paper: Liking the producer and director, so, I’ll give this series a try. Maybe the whole robot thing will be interesting.

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
HYuni:While I consider myself an otaku, there are times when I’ll go: “WTH with this crap! Japanese people are insane.” This is one of those times, the whole lolicon concept just doesn’t convince me.
paper: ehh, the title… I’ll pass on this one.

HYuni: Seriously Iron man? Personally, I’m not into superheroes but after checking out the trailer, the animation looks tight.Though I’ll rather see Wolverine, but that’s just me wanting to see a bishie >_< (Don’t eat me Marvel fans, I know he doesn’t look like the original)
paper: ahh, too bad. Iron Man is not something I’m into.

Otome Youkai Zakuro
HYuni: Finally, an anime that seems to fit my taste, or so I hope so. For now, a highlight to this for the hot looking guy, off course if the story turns out to be crap, it’ll be a real disappointment.
paper: Well, summary seemed a bit interesting and I’m getting interested in youkais due to Nurarihyon so I’ll check this out.

Togainu no Chi
HYuni: The summary piqued my interest, but then I saw this one is actually categorized as shounen-ai… While I have seen some anime of the same genre, and I have enjoyed them, I still get skeptical when starting a new series. Character designs looks nice,though.
paper: I was really looking forward to this series because of the character designs and summary but now, I’m might be having second thoughts. I didn’t know this was a shounen-ai series. Well, if the story’s good, who cares if its BL.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
HYuni: Japan really like maids >_< From the summary I can’t say that it’ll be worth to watch. The art looks regular to me, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if it can make me die laughing.
paper: might be skipping this… mostly likely.

Psychic Detective Yakumo
HYuni: Some months ago, I read one of the manga adaptations and I thought it was nice, though I expected a better ending. Now that its being animated, I hope it can satisfy me and give me a better explanation of Yakumo’s special ability.
paper: Finally, I added this series to my wanting to watch list on TheSubwire and have been waiting for it. This series immediately caught my attention with the art and summary.

HYuni: I usually don’t watch/read josei but somehow this one seems to be a good candidate for a nice laughing time.
paper: I’ll pass on this one.

HYuni: Hurray! I fell in love with the manga as soon as I read the first chapter, I fell even more in love with the series when I heard the voice comic, so off course I’ve been expecting the anime.
paper: I read a few chapters of the manga and it’s pretty nice so I’ll watch this series.

Fortune Arterial
HYuni: I smell a harem anime here, which I’m guessing that this vampire girl will be the cutesy, innocent type.. or simply the type I tend to dislike >_> That’s just my assumptions though.
paper: No for me on this one.

The World God Only Knows
HYuni: I have certainly read the title before but never had the curiosity to find out about it, until now and… surprise! yet another otaku-centered anime. Compared to “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”, this one seems more appealing to me, but still hangs on the thread.
paper: The manga seems to be popular… I think. I might have heard about its popularity from ANN but I can’t remember… >_<

Letter Bee 2
HYuni: I recently saw the first season and I loved it, can’t wait to see the continuation. I’m really hoping to see more of Suede.
paper: Saw a few episodes of first season but then stopped. Second season seems a bit more appealing. I’ll need to marathon the first season and catch up. OTL.

Arakawa Under the Bridge 2
HYuni: I haven’t seen the first season so I can’t really give my opinion on this. But it seems that the first seasonhad good ratings, so maybe I should go watch it.
paper: Watched first season, adored it. I can’t wait for the second season. I usually don’t laugh when watching anime but this series had me giggling… at times. But I’m watching it cause of how all the characters are somehow mysterious. Hoshi with his star mask off, mayor with his kappa costume off…

Toaru Majutsu no Index II
HYuni: Again, I haven’t seen the first season, but I never was interested into watching it.
paper: Watched the first season, loved it. Hopefully, it’ll answer all the questions I had at the end of season one. >_>

HYuni: This is another WTF moment for me. A masochist? Unless you are a sadist I think you won’t be watching this. At least not me.
paper: passing on this one.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
HYuni: Arms mostly, if not all, make ecchi/hentai animes, this one is no exception. I saw the preview and it was all ecchi and blood. Animation looked nice, but I doubt I’ll be watching this.
paper: Wait, what? There’s ecchi stuff? PASS. This series seems to have potential but I strongly dislike ecchi so I won’t be watching this.

Motto To-Love-ru
HYuni: Yet another sequel, unfortunately I haven’t seen the first season. See, I’m not into ecchi stuff >_< Music sounds nice though XD
paper: there’s ecchi so I’m passing on this one.

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte
HYuni: Another ecchi sequel XP The blue-haired girl reminded me of Hatsune Miku >_<
paper: ahh, HYuni says this is another ecchi series, PASS.

Hakuouki 2
HYuni: Well, I recently started watching the first season, just for the sake of seeing the hot guys, but the main girl is annoying. Depending if I’m able to stand her during the whole 1st part, I might watch this.
paper: I had a bad experience with the first episode of this show which made me not want to watch the series when I really want to… maybe I’ll marathon the first season and then watch season two? But, forreals? The girl is annoying?… I’ll have to think about this.

Yosuga no Sora
HYuni: When I see this, I get the feeling it’ll be something like Air, though I could be wrong. This one might be good, so I guess I’ll watch it.
paper: This series seems to be shoujo-ish so I probably won’t watch it.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
HYuni: Detective series are not really what I would go watch, especially if I haven’t previously read the manga. This one doesn’t look that interesting, maybe just good enough to pass the time when there’s nothing else to watch.
paper: I’ll just pass on this one.

Battle spirits: brave
HYuni: Another sequel, this one from based from a trading-card game. Lol reminds me of the days I would watch Yu-gi-oh, but I won’t be watching this one.
paper: Again, passing.

Karl to Fushigi na Tou
HYuni: Okay, this one is for kids, but I might get to watch it for my baby brother XP
paper: no…

Pokemon Best Wishes!
HYuni: My god, its been ages since the first season aired, and they still keep creating more and more pokemon. I bet there are now like 1000 pokemons >_>.. so yeah, this won’t be on my watch list.
paper: nahh, I’ll be passing on this one.

Nougyou Musume
HYuni: Another kids show, the whole agricultural theme reminds me of Harvest Moon XD
paper: ahh, no…

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
HYuni: The art is different from most anime. I might just watch it out of curiosity, but I don’t have much expectation from this.
paper: nahh…

Rita et Machin
HYuni: For a moment there, I thought I saw snoopy, either way, another kid show.
paper: no…

Invasion! Squid Girl
HYuni: An ecology themed anime, seems interesting, I’ll probably watch it.
paper: maybe…

Super Robot Wars
HYuni: Ok, this one is definitely not on my watch list, coz mecha is not my stuff.
paper: ahah, on the chart by The Cart Driver, for the summary of the series, it says: ‘It’s a bunch of robots beating each other up.’ I’ll be skipping this one.

Robin and His 100 Friends
HYuni: Another kids show, so yeah… not interested.
paper: skipping~~

Anime OVAs:
Queen’s Blade: Utsukushiki Toshi-Tachi
HYuni:.. nope, not my thing
paper: No… I’ll be skipping this one… it’s ecchi. >.<

HYuni: shoujo ai? no thanks
paper: nahh.

Mirai Nikki
HYuni: I remember my friend telling me to read the manga, so I guess  its interesting.
paper: The plot seems interesting… maybe I’ll watch it.

HYuni: maybe, if i have time i’ll watch it.
paper: I’ll skip this one.

ToHeart2 adnext
HYuni: ehmm no.
paper: nope.

Yozakura Quartet~Hoshi no Umi~
HYuni: oh i just remembered i was going to watch the series
paper: Read the summary and it seems intriguing so I might watch this.

Koe de Oshigoto
HYuni: ecchi, bleh.
paper: I’ll just skip this one…

Megane na Kanojo
HYuni: hmm skipping this one.
paper: The title sounds familiar but I just can’t remember from where. I might watch this.

HYuni: ehh nope.
paper: ehh, I’ll just skip this.

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun
HYuni: looks interesting, might watch it.
paper: Watched the anime series of this and liked it so I’ll be watching this.


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  2. thx 4 the info man …..
    keep it up ..

    btw i like youre style “skip skip skip skip”

    • ahah, would you have skip some of those shows?

      which ones are you watching? i’m thinking of adding a few more to my watch list since i skipped almost everything. ahah.. >_>

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