Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 9- Sebby’s Getting Pissed

Claude calls Hannah and the Triplets his ‘supportive and dear friends of darkness’. I didn’t think demons had the ability to trust other demons. How come Sebastian doesn’t have any friends of darkness? >.> It’s probably cause no one is good enough. :3 Why does Hannah and the Triplets help Claude anyways? Do they get something out of it?

I’m thinking Ciel is glad that Alois didn’t actually die because when he said ‘ I see, so he lived’. He sounded a bit relieved about not being able to kill Alois. He’s getting a bit suspicious of Sebastian possibly hiding some information from him. Should Sebastian be believed in?

WOAHH, a new reaper. :3 I didn’t expect for that to happen. LOL, his Grell-sempai told him that he needed a catchphrase… he had a pose that resembles Grell’s. The new reaper is Ronald “To Die”. ahah, his actual name is Ronald Knox. ahah, Will is helpless without his glasses.

Claude and his friends developed a thorough plan to turn Ciel into Alois. They continuously dunked him into the water tank. Soon, Ciel’s mind became unstable and Claude used it to incorporate Alois past into Ciel. Soon, the Ciel that we know is gone and has taken up Alois’ identity.

OMG, I thought it was really cute of Claude to play with his glasses. ahah. It was adorable and it made it giggle as I watched him. Also, the “Yes”s that Claude kept saying in English were so cute, ahah. Sebastian, how dare you lose to Claude. >.< Sebby looked pretty hurt when Ciel ordered him to disappear from his site. He looked shaken when Claude whispered in Ciel’s ear.

This is depressing. >.< Sebastian you better get your ‘Bocchan’ back at all costs. Well, we can now see that Sebastian’s getting angry and will get serious to get his young master back. Will Ciel stay with Claude and continue taking on Alois’ identity or will Sebastian be able to return Ciel to normal?
Deep blue to midnight blue. Midnight blue to black. Is that right?

4 responses to “Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 9- Sebby’s Getting Pissed

  1. waahh Sebastian looked sad. his dear bocchan was stolen T_T
    oh and at the end, so hot when he’s angry. i wonder if we’ll get to see seby’s real appearance? i doubt it though.. but i still hope

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