The Breaker: Chapter 66-Shioon, Man up and Do Something

*Half way through the post [sort of halfway] I stopped using Chun Woon and began calling him Goomoonryong. For me, Chun Woon is one to care for his disciple and has morals and principles he lives by. Right now, that isn’t the man who holds those things with eminent regards. He is fighting to satisfy his desires and yields to none even if it is his disciple.*

The story is heading in an ‘okay’ direction for now but Shioon is really irritating me now with his actions. At least try to fend off the attack or get into a defensive position instead of having taken a hit to the head. I really thought that Shioon will really be able to do something about his teacher but i guess not…

Shioon was lucky to have Chun Hyuk push him out of the way at the last minute to only sustain an even greater injury. Seeing as Goomoonryong isn’t hesitant when striking his own disciple, the guy is not longer sane and may never return to his normal state of mind.

This is bad, people are dying, Goomoonryong is on a rampage and bystanders’ lives are endangered. Kangsung is on par or even overwhelming Goomoonryong a bit in terms of strength. I think it’s because Goomoonryong doesn’t have his sanity so he doesn’t apply strategies when fighting and instead, he just throws punches and kicks not planning ahead or thinking of winning. He is just simply fighting with his instincts.

Shioon, pleading will not do you any good in such a situation where your teacher doesn’t recognize you or anyone and attacks anyone who stands in his way. I’m pretty sure you’re no exception when Chun Woon is in such a state.

Will words really get through to Goomoonryong? Will there be a fight to the death between Kangsung and Goomoonryong? Is Shioon going to join the death match? Maybe in the next chapter, Shioon will be able to change things somehow.

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  1. Like your style of writing but your images are overlapping into your text. Take a look and fix it.

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