Psyren: Chapter 131- Wait, what? Using Marie's Body?

Chapter 131: Time to Replace
Even though [Star Commander No. 5] Vigo is an antagonist in this series since he’s part of W.I.S.E., a cult that’s basically destroyed the world and recreated it, at the end of the chapter, he seems to have kindness that I wouldn’t have expected from a member of W.I.S.E.

To Vigo, ‘family is an ugly bond’ because of his experiences from being different from the norm. He has powers that people fear. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more background information on Vigo because I would like to know the cause for him to take the path of a serial killer.

Well, we learn that Misura is from the senate, not human, and she’s been waiting for the day when Grana & Co. would fight against The Resistance, producing a thick PSI field surrounding Astral Nova. Now, seeing as she doesn’t care about Grana & Co. dying, she might not be on Miroku Amagi’s side. Is there a third-party involved in the battle of W.I.S.E. against The Resistance but is not yet known to anyone? Are tavoos considered to be humans? If so, she could be an advanced form that have their own minds and aren’t obedient?

Vigo, you may have earned yourself a spot in my list of favorite characters. I was really hoping for you to return discovering Misura attempting to take Marie’s body and somehow stop it which was nicely done. I would’ve never thought that Vigo would stab a SENATOR, someone with high important/status within the W.I.S.E. group. So, I commend you for that. Vigo didn’t stop at stabbing; he went right to kicking her far away from Marie. She’s a type of living organism using other people’s body and changes bodies when the current ‘shell’ is beginning to crumble. I really hope that she’ll never get Marie’s body.

With an illumina implanted into his body and powered up, Vigo’s still no match for Misura. Well, he now may have something to protect and it’s Marie [maybe, possibly]. He tells Marie to get back. Even though he kills, maybe this one time, he’ll be able to take on the role of a protector and understand how important it is to protect something.

Oboro is defeated by Grana in a one-sided fight. Fuu, in Kyle’s arms, is heavily injured and is waiting for Lan’s trick room to be sent and brought back for healing. As Lan gets ready, [Star Commander No. 4] Shiner appears demanding for the locations of the infiltrators. Just in time, Ageha and Amamiya show up.

Will Amagi make a move? Ageha and Amamiya will probably beat Shiner in no time and move on to the next opponent. What happened to Ageha’s father? Is he back at Root? Will Vigo be able to defeat Misura and keep her from using Marie’s body?

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