Bleach: Chapter 417 DEICIDE 19

So last week’s “Deicide The End” was for nothing because this week we get another Deicide chapter >_<

Last week we saw Ichigo arrive to the real Karakura City to save the day. This week we get a widespread with Ichigo looking hotter than ever XD. So as Keigo and Tatsuki gaze at him surprised, they noticed that Ichigo´s hair has grown, and his gotten a bit taller…. but the most important thing is that they don´t feel any reiatsu comming from Ichigo. How can that be possible? Aizen (or butterflAizen as some may call him) responds to this, telling Ichigo that he´s disheartened for he wasn´t able to grasp the “final chance” he gave him. Ichigo keeps silent and Gin who is practically dying, stares at him and in relief he says to himself: “yeah, those are strong eyes. I can leave things to you.” (I loved that!) So Ichigo just ignores Aizen’s comments and tells him to change locations for the battle, but Aizen passes it off as a bluff, so Ichigo gets angry and carries Aizen himself. And here basically the chapter ends, next week we’ll get to see the real action.

Ok, this chapter was short in terms of content… if this were to be animated it’ll probably only take 5mins at max. But! Ichigo looked so hot! omg, i totally fell over him again. I had been pissed off with him coz he killed Ulquiorra T_T and because he was just being pretty useless coz he was being emo and all, but I totally forgot about that after seeing him in this chapter. Though, I wold have liked to see more of Tensa Zangetsu and Tenshiro… maybe Kubo-san will added as flashbacks in between the battle. Oh yeah, I really hope Gin doesn’t die, I mean, not after seeing his sweet side <33

Here’s an extra (by me):

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  1. aww, love your coloring. :3

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