Pandora Hearts [Retrace LII: Bloody Rites]

The previous chapter had left where Liam had been kidnapped one of the Baskervilles. Meanwhile Oz and Leo find decapitated Pandora’s men.

The chapter starts when Yura meets Lottie, who is trying to find the location of the sealing stone. But he refuses to tell and is apparently defeated. At that moment, Break shows up [Hurray! love him so much XD] and offers to join forces… that is off course, if Liam had not been injured.

Then we go back to Oz and Leo. Leo goes to look for  Elliot, and Oz is shortly left alone, until Alice suddenly appears, thanks to Sharon’s powers. But it seems, she didn’t come alone, she brought Philippe (the lil boy who’s father was an illegal contractor, in case you don’t remember). But what’s the boy doing with a red cape just like the Baskervilles?  Well guess what, apparently the children of the house of Fianna are playing “The Tragedy of Sablie”. So this is Yura’s plan, but what for? Let’s keep reading…

Then all of sudden panic arouses at the party hall when a servant falls decapitated, and red hooded people (apparently baskervilles) start burning everything. On the other Lottie is reunited with Doug but considering that there’s something wrong going on, they decide to escape.

Meanwhile, Elliot is looking for Leo but finds his sister Vanessa instead. She tries to convince him that they should quickly get out, but he insist in searching for his servant. But suddenly Elliot starts seeing those bloody images, shown on previous chapters, Vanessa get worries and decides to look for her servant. But she meets “someone”. At that moment, Elliot recovers only to see his sister head falling. Gil appears running towards him from the hallway calling out, but before he reaches, Break appears and grabs Elliot calling him the “headhunter”.

And the chapter ends leaving us with a cliffhanger! boo hoo >_<. So, did Elliot really kill his sister? or… perhaps it was Leo… or someone else? Sigh, now I’m more intrigued with Elliot’s and Leo’s past. Maybe one of the two has some kind of dark side, like Oz, and Yura knows about it so he wanted to recreate the Sablier scene so that side would reawaken. For what, I’m not sure.. to cause a distraction, perhaps… or maybe its necessary for something. Either way, this chapter was pretty intense, love it! Can’t wait for the next one.

3 responses to “Pandora Hearts [Retrace LII: Bloody Rites]

  1. I’m thinking of possibly watching the anime but would I be better off reading the manga instead?

    • well personally i like the manga way more.. the anime starts off well but they sort of deviated and cut off many stuff. though i enjoyed hearing the voices specially break’s voice<33

  2. Then I guess I’ll watch the anime and read the manga~~
    Hopefully I’ll have time to do both.

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