Bleach: Episode 285- Is Yammy THAT Strong?

Wonderweiss, prepare to get a beating from Kensei for hurting Mashiro. Gin, I cannot believe you would stab Hyori from behind, that’s shady. Yammy, you’re going to get it from Ichigo for hurting Rukia, Renji, and Chad. Little by little, the shinigami/vaizard forces are diminishing in strength. When will the ones in Hueco Mundo arrive in the fake Karakura Town and partake in the battle?

First, is there something between Kensei and Mashiro? I’m getting a feeling that they may be romantically involved because he sort of got angry when Mashiro was heavily injured by Wonderweiss. Or it could be that Mashiro is his former subordinate when they were still shinigamis and he couldn’t stand seeing her getting injured?
Wait, didn’t she say she could keep her mask on for 15 hours? What happened to that? Or did she mean 15 minutes? =.=

Gin, how could you? How can you possibly stab Hyori from BEHIND? If you’re going to stab her, do it out in the open and not so sneaky. Well, with Hachi losing his other arm, he can’t perform Kido to heal Hyori and the only one who is able to heal her is Orihime. Ichigo, please hurry and bring Orihime to Hyori. I actually like Hyori and hope that she doesn’t die.
Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo….
Renji, Rukia, and Chad are fighting against Yammy. Wow, there’s an Espada Zero. But seriously, it’s unbelievable that he went from Espada 10, the weakest of the Espadas, to being Espada 0, the strongest. During his fight against the three, Yammy didn’t seem to display any type of power that would mark him as the strongest Espada. Is Yami barely using any of his strength against the three then? Well, he’ll have to use his full strength since he’s about to fight Ichigo and for sure, Ichigo is not going to let Yammy hurt his friends anymore.

Is Aizen anyone’s favorite character? Frankly, I despise Aizen because of his methods and way of thinking. How could he possibly dispose and abandon the Espadas when they gave him their loyalty? That just doesn’t sit right with me.

Ahh, ahh, Will Ichigo bring Orihime in time to save Hyori? Will Ichigo come in time to take on Aizen? Will Rangiku ever get a chance to face Gin? Will Momo get a chance to confront Aizen? Hopefully, she’ll know better than to plead for Aizen and still believe that he’s a good person deep down. >.>

8 responses to “Bleach: Episode 285- Is Yammy THAT Strong?

  1. Actually, Masshiro was a vice-captain, and Kensei the captain for the I-dont-remember-what-number squad. Im pretty sure they showed this on the flashbacks when all the vizards were still shinigami.
    Anyway, I see that they already on that part, sigh haven’t watch Bleach in months.

    • Then, do you think he’s avenging her because she was his vice captain, a comrade, or because there could be romantic interest? Well, I think they make a nice couple.
      You read the manga, right? Maybe we could do a comparison between manga and anime?

  2. i do believe there’s some romantic interest (though it might be my internal fangirl trying to find couples XD)
    and yeah, i do read the manga

  3. yeah, she’s still wounded and….i won’t spoil u XD

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