Reborn: Chapter 302-Chrome in Julie's bed?

Chapter 302: Pursuit

As for Julie, what the heck? =.= Chrome is in your bed?… Mukuro is going to beat you up when he finds out what’s going on… just saying.. I’d be careful of what Mukuro would do to you, Julie. :3 hah. [Skip down a bit for the page where Julie says that Chrome’s ‘alseep in my bed’.]

Ninth is the one to realize that Tsuna is the one who truly represents/embodies the Vongola’s ‘true way of battle’. Starting with the second generation, the Vongola’s goal began to head to a different direction than what Primo had intended. Tsuna is the one who will change the Vongola Family and lead it to the path of ‘righteousness’.

Reaching the point where the Shimon Family’s base is located at, all that can be seen is the vast sky and the stretching blue ocean. The sky starts cracking revealing the secret base of the Shimon Family. It was predictable that the secret base would be revealed in such a fashion. The water is getting shallow near the island so it’s clear that the Shimon only want for Tsuna and his buddies to be the only ones stepping foot on the island. Interference is jamming the radios, not allowing for communication between Tsuna and the Ninth. Tsuna and buddies are on their own now~~

Enma, don’t be so sure that you’ll be able to beat Tsuna. There two factors affecting the outcome of this battle. First: Tsuna has acquired power that is equivalent to that of the Shimon’s when using the blood of their First. Second: Tsuna isn’t fighting for Vongola like Enma is for Shimon. Tsuna’s friendships will provide him strength that he can never obtain if he were to fight for something other than for his friends. Enma and his family are connected through the common goal of destroying the Vongola and restoring the Shimon Family back to its previous days of glory. Two very different families, which will be the one to prevail? I’m on Vongola’s side. :3 ahah.

I had the same reaction as Tsuna when I read the line ‘asleep in my bed’. I was like– ‘what? =.= come again?’ . Wouldn’t it be awesome if Mukuro came out? ahah, I bet it would freak Julie out to see cute and kawaii Chrome turn into a guy with an eerie feel to him.

I never expected for the Vindice [or is it spelled Vendicare?] to show up… but they did. I think they’re awesome and should appear more often. But they came to the battle to fulfill their promise to Vongola Primo and Shimon [translations said second but I thought it was first] Second.

“We have come here… to fulfill our promise to Vongola Primo Taru Gitto and Shimon Secondo Cozatto. Gitto and Cozatto were bound by their unfettering friendship. For that reason, Vongola and Shimon must not ever cross swords with one another. And thus, should that situation ever arise… we have created a law that the losing side shall be erased from existence forever. This is the second time this law has been put into motion. The losing participant in this fight will be confined in our prison for eternity.” –Vindice Prison Guards

Enma and his family are confident in being able to beat the Vongola and have them in confinement of the Vindice Prison. [Tsk, Tsk, I wouldn’t be so confident but maybe you’ll have that look of surprise when Vongola rivals your Shimon powers.] What’s making me curious is that Vindice said that it’s the ‘second time the law has been put into motion’. Did Shimon and Vongola fight at some point in time between the second generation and ninth generation? Did Gitto and Cozatto battle one another? Mystery, mystery~~

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