The Breaker: Chapter 65

Alright, to be honest, I’m not really liking the direction and predictability of this series so far. Some may disagree but that’s my opinion. Does anyone else feel the same way as I currently do with this series?

Well, everyone’s panicking because of how the situation has turned out with Chun Woon becoming some kind of a monster. Scary.
Yi Gyu-Bum, I praise you for demanding the release of your lady; however, it’s a fail since Sosul was never held a captive because she chose to be on Shin Woon’s side.

Alright, in the previous post, I may have said something about Shin Woon being a bit pathetic and not being able to do anything. I may be somewhat disagreeing with what I said but that doesn’t mean that I entirely disagree. After thinking about it, he’s in shock to see the person who helped him, the one who he admired, to turn into such a monster. But he did step in a little too late.
Oh well, at least he still steps in instead of sitting on the sideline surprised.

Remember the one who shot Chun Woon and Shiho? Yeah, THAT guy. -__- I don’t like him. Well, it is good to see that he finally understands what his actions have caused. Technically, it wasn’t really entirely his own doing as Shiho died because she was sniped so he basically prepared Chun Woon to become a demon and the sniper gave the finish touching to the transformation. Chun Woon going after the chief, can’t say that I don’t agree with his choice of target but he should go after THAT guy [I forgot his name, OTL. I fail. ahah, so notice that I’m calling him ‘THAT guy’] since he shot Shiho. Why did she have to die? Why? >.< She was going to be happy with Chun Woon. I guess someone had to die but why couldn’t it have been THAT guy instead? Wait, is there anyone out there that likes this guy? Or does everyone resent this guy?

Well, So Chun Hyuk tries to put up a fight against Chun Woon despite his trembling and fear he feels from Chun Woon. Chun Hyuk, you deserve a pat on the back for at least trying but he wouldn’t have tried to stand up against Chun Woon if it weren’t for his encounter with Shin Woon and Shin Woon’s ‘never give up’ attitude.

The chapter ended with Shin Woon stepping in as Chun Woon charges straight for Chun Hyuk. Shin Woon only got between because he remembered what his teacher taught him about having the courage to fight even if you don’t stand a chance.

Well, all of this was expected and happened in order to prep the story up for Shin Woon’s face off against his teacher. Now, with this series’ predictability, I’m predicting that Shin Woon will try and try to persuade his teacher to stop his rampage while fighting in order to stop his teacher from targeting anyone else. Shin Woon will get beaten up by his teacher like all the rest have been but he won’t give up and will try his hardest to return his teacher back to the way he was. As for the rest, I can’t really say what’ll happen after all this until I read the next few chapters. Hopefully it won’t turn out the way I had predicted because then, it wouldn’t be fun to read. Does anyone disagree with me?

Oh, and the series just reached volume 10, woot~~

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