Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 6

Episode six:

Season one is tied into season two so the entire plot and storyline flows and makes sense. At the end of season one, Ciel’s soul was to be devoured by Sebastian but unfortunately, Claude stole Ciel’s soul making him a void. Sebastian is so upset that he destroys the place, causing an explosion on the island. >.< I wouldn't want to be near him if he ever got pissed like that.

Meirin was awesome wielding two guns. She had her glasses off. She was kicking butt~~

Hannah licking her fingers to play that thing [I forgot what it was called. OTL] was a bit gross for me. She should've used something else to lubricate her fingers to allow her to play the instrument.
Sebastian's performance on the glass cups which was wonderful.

Demons all want and seek one thing and that is: a complete soul; one that has obtained revenge. In order to get a complete Ciel Phantomhive, the two demons form a deal. The Trancy family is now set as Ciel’s enemies for revenge and after Ciel obtains his revenge, Ciel is to be handed over to Claude.
Will Sebastian really hand Ciel over just like that? Or will Sebastian somehow break the contract? What happens when contracts are broken? Is there some sort of moral code or law among the demons?
I find it fitting for Claude to draw his blood by cutting his wrist and Sebastian drew his blood by biting his wrist.


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