Naruto Shippuuden: episode 173

Episode 173: Origin of Pain

Truthfully, the fillers were somewhat enjoyable since we get to see the adorableness of the characters when they were little kids who weren’t full-fledged shinobis yet.
Even though they were enjoyable, I am glad that it’s getting back to the main storyline. Last episode revealed Nagato’s past and how he met Konan and Yahiko. Now, we will get to see the event that caused Nagato to stray from his path and be who he is now.

Hanzo and Danzo are such selfish… bastards[?– Is that the correct word to use?]. They have no regards for other people’s lives and do what needs to be done [even if it’s ruthless] to benefit themselves.
Anyways, he’s a Kage, one who rules over people, is threatening these children [are Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan still children?] by taking one from their organization as hostage. If he is that afraid of their power, then he should directly confront them as the man that he is instead of using such low methods.

This episode is… so… gloomy. >.< All this talk about war, peace, hatred, deaths, losing loved ones, etc. is a bit depressing since it makes me ponder hard about all those topics/subjects.

There must have been another way to save Konan without having to kill Yahiko at all. I wonder why Nagato went to pick up the kunai. Did he seriously consider the thought of killing Yahiko? If not, then why even touch the kunai?

Aww, I thought they would have time to get to Naruto’s answer to obtaining true peace in this episode but I was wrong. >.> His answer will be revealed in next week’s episode–can’t wait~~

**Is Shippuden spelled Shippuden or Shippuuden?


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