Bleach: episode 283

This episode was interesing [because of Aizen’s actions at the end] and maybe a bit sad [because of Stark and Lilynette’s past].

Kyoraku’s abilities are amazing but a bit… unique[?]. I say unique because it something that I think wouldn’t suit his personality that well. Kyoraku is usually seen as being a lazy person who prefers to lounge around. His zanpakutou’s abilities are childish such as games and games require energy which is something Kyoraku doesn’t seem to have. But, it’s still powerful and surpasses the abilities of the first Espada.

Even though Vaizards seem to be more powerful than shinigamis, Love and Rojuro aren’t able to handle Stark when there are TWO of them. There is only one of Kyoraku but he is able to stand firm and fight against Stark and in the end, defeating both Stark and Lilynette. Maybe the two vaizards COULD HAVE taken on Stark if they were able to continue their fight but… too bad, Kyoraku interrupted.

For Stark/Lilynette to be taken down that easily is something I didn’t imagine. I thought that they would be much more powerful at the last minute of the battle, they were defeated. But, Lilynette did say something about going all out but Stark refused so if they DID go all out, they may have come out of the battle alive and victorious.

The sad part[s] of this episode for me was when we get to understand the partnership between Stark and Lilynette and when Lilynette dies[I think she dies, Does she die?]. They might have originally been one single entity but because of loneliness, the soul split into two to create two separate beings. While hearing about their loneliness, I began to think about how I would feel to be completely alone to better relate with Stark and Lilynette.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Aizen decides to ‘end it’. His way of ending whatever was going on was to go and cut down Halibel, the only one left of the Espadas that came with Aizen and who was fighting for Aizen. The Espadas gave their loyalty to Aizen in different forms with different purposes and he uses that loyalty to manipulate them into becoming his pawns.

It seems that we’ll get to see a bit of Halibel’s past, so I’m a bit excited for next week’s episode. :3


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