Naruto: Chapt 505

This chapter was quite enjoyable with several comedic scenes since the past several chapters have either been a bit touching/heavyhearted/dismal for me to handle any longer. It’s been long since I’ve laughed while reading Naruto because… lots of unhappy things were happening.

Finally, Naruto obtains the chakra of the nine tails and becomes a lot more powerful than before. He’s acquired techniques his father, the Fourth Hokage, had been famous for thus earning the title, the Yellow Flash. Naruto said that he would become a ‘bigger badass than his father’ and ‘ a stronger shinobi than his mother’ which made me go ‘HECK YES, GO KICK SOME BUTT’. :P Even though we can see that Naruto has seriously powered up, he still got ways to as he still can’t accurately control his new strength when using the Nine Tail’s chakra. I guess there may be a chapter or two dedicated to training and properly using this new power. This leads me to question whether or not Naruto will still be able to power up after perfecting his use of the Nine Tail’s chakra. Is he now one of the most powerful shinobis of the nation?

Naruto and Killer Bee’s conversation that didn’t have a start nor an end and wasn’t clear at all was funny seeing as Yamato couldn’t figure out what happened. haha.

… Guy [the sensei] shows up in this chapter. Haven’t seen him for while and I may have even forgotten about him, what about you all? Did any forget about his existence? At least Guy was useful and stopped Kisame from escaping, woot.

Hopefully in the next chapter, there’ll be more comedic scenes but for sure, Guy will be engaging Kisame in a battle. Will Guy be able to get a chance to witness Naruto’s new powers? And if he does, what will his reaction be?

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