The Breaker- Chapter 64

For the summary, click here.

In this chapter,
Shin Woon is doing.. NOTHING. He is sitting/standing there seeing his master in this monstrous form and to only be able to ask ‘why, why, why’.
My thought as I read this chapter [or what I want to say to Shin Woon]: Why do you keep asking why? If you want to know the cause for such a form, then stop your master and directly ask him. If you don’t like your master’s current form, then change it. Return Chun Woo to the way he was when he was your master if you have a problem with how he is right now.

No action from Shin Woon in this chapter which greatly disappoints me but surely, he will take action soon… hopefully before everyone gets killed by Chun Woo. So, it’ll probably go like either like this: someone will be gravely injured that it prompts Shin Woon to do something about his master or ALMOST everyone will be NEARLY SLAUGHTERED in an instant and that is when Shin Woon will step in.

Friend or foe, it doesn’t matter to Chun Woo who is in such a state where he cannot maintain the overflowing power within him. Chun Woo is losing his self and going on a rampage to get his hands on the chief.

This makes me think that even the great Nine Dragon Arts, feared by all and overwhelmingly powerful, is only human in the end and will fall prey to his emotions. He is giving in to his desire of wanting revenge for his master/Shiho, letting it corrupt him.

Will Shin Woon finally stand up and take action to try to get through to Chun Woo?

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