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Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 9- Sebby’s Getting Pissed

Claude calls Hannah and the Triplets his ‘supportive and dear friends of darkness’. I didn’t think demons had the ability to trust other demons. How come Sebastian doesn’t have any friends of darkness? >.> It’s probably cause no one is good enough. :3 Why does Hannah and the Triplets help Claude anyways? Do they get something out of it?

I’m thinking Ciel is glad that Alois didn’t actually die because when he said ‘ I see, so he lived’. He sounded a bit relieved about not being able to kill Alois. He’s getting a bit suspicious of Sebastian possibly hiding some information from him. Should Sebastian be believed in?
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The Breaker: Chapter 66-Shioon, Man up and Do Something

*Half way through the post [sort of halfway] I stopped using Chun Woon and began calling him Goomoonryong. For me, Chun Woon is one to care for his disciple and has morals and principles he lives by. Right now, that isn’t the man who holds those things with eminent regards. He is fighting to satisfy his desires and yields to none even if it is his disciple.*

The story is heading in an ‘okay’ direction for now but Shioon is really irritating me now with his actions. At least try to fend off the attack or get into a defensive position instead of having taken a hit to the head. I really thought that Shioon will really be able to do something about his teacher but i guess not…
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Psyren: Chapter 131- Wait, what? Using Marie's Body?

Chapter 131: Time to Replace
Even though [Star Commander No. 5] Vigo is an antagonist in this series since he’s part of W.I.S.E., a cult that’s basically destroyed the world and recreated it, at the end of the chapter, he seems to have kindness that I wouldn’t have expected from a member of W.I.S.E.

To Vigo, ‘family is an ugly bond’ because of his experiences from being different from the norm. He has powers that people fear. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more background information on Vigo because I would like to know the cause for him to take the path of a serial killer.
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Bleach: Chapter 417 DEICIDE 19

So last week’s “Deicide The End” was for nothing because this week we get another Deicide chapter >_<

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Pandora Hearts [Retrace LII: Bloody Rites]

The previous chapter had left where Liam had been kidnapped one of the Baskervilles. Meanwhile Oz and Leo find decapitated Pandora’s men.

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Bleach: Episode 285- Is Yammy THAT Strong?

Wonderweiss, prepare to get a beating from Kensei for hurting Mashiro. Gin, I cannot believe you would stab Hyori from behind, that’s shady. Yammy, you’re going to get it from Ichigo for hurting Rukia, Renji, and Chad. Little by little, the shinigami/vaizard forces are diminishing in strength. When will the ones in Hueco Mundo arrive in the fake Karakura Town and partake in the battle?

First, is there something between Kensei and Mashiro? I’m getting a feeling that they may be romantically involved because he sort of got angry when Mashiro was heavily injured by Wonderweiss. Or it could be that Mashiro is his former subordinate when they were still shinigamis and he couldn’t stand seeing her getting injured?
Wait, didn’t she say she could keep her mask on for 15 hours? What happened to that? Or did she mean 15 minutes? =.=
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Kuroshitsuji chapter 48: That butler, solutions

[The best performance is given when an actor “becomes” his role.] This month we we get color page!  Last chapter left off when Mr. Wordsmith returns to the mansion to find out that Jeremy had always been Sebastian in disguise.

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Kuroshitsuji II: ep 8- Sebby’s Smile Is Much Hawter..

Well, I guess Alois hasn’t died… yet. All the fangirls who are in love with Claude might be happy since in this episode, Claude has smiled [for the first time] and smirked. Alois thinks Claude smiling is disgusting but I think its pretty hawt x3 ahah. BUT, Sebby’s smile is much hawter. lol. So sad, no Sebby in this episode. >__>
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Bakuman: Chapter 97- Last and Code

“You have to start with the end so that you can lay out everything from the beginning.” I love it every time I see them planning their chapters, I get as excited as they are.

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Reborn: Chapter 302-Chrome in Julie's bed?

Chapter 302: Pursuit

As for Julie, what the heck? =.= Chrome is in your bed?… Mukuro is going to beat you up when he finds out what’s going on… just saying.. I’d be careful of what Mukuro would do to you, Julie. :3 hah. [Skip down a bit for the page where Julie says that Chrome’s ‘alseep in my bed’.]

Ninth is the one to realize that Tsuna is the one who truly represents/embodies the Vongola’s ‘true way of battle’. Starting with the second generation, the Vongola’s goal began to head to a different direction than what Primo had intended. Tsuna is the one who will change the Vongola Family and lead it to the path of ‘righteousness’.
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