Kuroshitsuji II-Episode Five

Series: Kuroshitsuji II ; Episode: 5

Sebastian informs those who have some sort of connection to his master that Ciel has lost a part of his memory. The ball held by the Trancy family has the Phantomhive household, Lady Elizabeth with her maid, Lau, Ranmao, Agni, and Prince Soma present for the event. Ciel finds himself chasing Alois to only end up in the basement and somehow seeing a projectile of Sebastian’s intrusion of the Trancy mansion in the first episode. Alois declares in wanting to have Ciel and if he were to refuse, everyone, including those dear to him, in the mansion would be slaughtered. Ciel replies ‘Do as you like.’ and shocks Alois with his response to the threat. Claude is ordered by his highness to capture Ciel and Sebastian is ordered by his lord to protect him at all cost…

This episode answered a few of my questions and gave me many surprises. Even though questions were answered, more questions popped up. OTL.

To my surprise, the Trancy’s triplets are quite skillful and are the exact opposite to the Phantomhive servants who are quite clumsy. The triplets seem to be no ordinary servants and neither are the Phantomhive’s but their appearance at the end of the episode with Claude seems to hint at them being more than just badass servants. They might be part of the contract that came with Claude? :3

The interesting part of the series is Alois’ character and his intentions.
Alois intentions of wanting to become one with Ciel to have the same color as souls [?][or he might have referred to the ring or Ciel’s eyes?] is a bit creepy. Reminds me of season one where the queen was one with her husband.

Ciel losing his memories..Could he have forgotten because something unpleasant/shocking occurred causing him to try to forget everything? questions, questions, questions.

Now, I find it a bit irritating that Ciel doesn’t seem to care about the others and only has his vengeance in sight while all the others are worrying about him. I wonder if Ciel tries not to care or actually doesn’t care at all.

In the preview, the triplets are beaten by Sebby<33. I wonder if Sebastian and Claude are on par or if one overpowers the other. What I really want is for the other Phantomhive servants [Finny,Bard,Meirin ] to go against the triplets to see who's stronger. I wonder if Ciel knows about his servants’ past or does he just not care? It's getting more and more interesting~~


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