Marathon or Not?- Uraboku

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru [or Uraboku for short]

[A summary written from the few episodes that I’ve watched so far.]

A teenager named Yuki has been an orphan ever since he was a baby and growing up, not knowing who his parents, relatives, and familial connections, he always wondered ‘For what reason was I born? What’s my purpose for being in this world?’ Soon, a man named Takashiro shows up claiming Yuki’s his brother and part of the Giou clan, people gifted with special abilities to fight Duras, evil demons that appear on Earth. It is also known that Yuki’s powers are still dormant but commencing to fully awaken. Then, there’s a man named Zess constantly coming to Yuki in times of need, saving him from harm. Yuki somehow feels like he’s known Zess and Zess is somehow connected to these ‘flashbacks of the past’ that Yuki occasionally sees in the form of a dream.

I started watching Uraboku about a week ago but being picky about the series that I watch, the first episode has yet to capture my attention. The beginning wasn’t exciting enough to motivate me into continuing with episode two; however, at some point, puzzling scenes convinced me into labeling the series as one that would be put on hold. Finally, today, I began watching the second episode…

but stopped at episode four.

In the second episode, there’s an introduction to a brother of Yuki’s, Yuki’s mysterious powers, Toko and Tsukumo whom seem a bit stalkerish to me as they continuously follow and watch over Yuki, and Duras. Many information and yet it only brings up more questions [for me, I don’t know about everyone else though]. The series is beginning to get more and more interesting as I want to learn the answer to the questions brought up by the series but the pace at which the storyline is progressing is bit too slow for me.

Some questions/thoughts of mine’s:

  • Why did Toko say something about Yuki being reincarnated into a guy? Does that mean the story actually takes place in an earlier time period?
  • What type/kind/sort of powers does Yuki have?
  • Is Zess and Luka the same person? O.o
  • Is Takashiro evil? [there’s been several moments in episode two and three which may have indicated that he wasn’t ‘good’]
  • Kanata.. he seems suspicious in episode three and preview for episode four.

*I really like the opening by Rayflower.

Should I marathon the series until I catch up to the most recent episode? Is it worth it? Would someone care to give me their opinion?


12 responses to “Marathon or Not?- Uraboku

  1. These series are really hard to watch.I think that mostly this anime is directed toward for people that want some more emotions then in an average yaoi/bl anime/manga. All characters are nice except for the main one -_-

    • I couldn’t continue watching it. I think there are some yaoi mangas which try give a more emotional interpretation and do a better job than this one. Haha, the main chara is the one who’s a boy but was a girl in his past life or whatever, right? or is the guy with the dark hair the main chara?

      • XD yeah… The one who was a girl in his previous life is the main chara “¬_¬. He’s such a disappointment as a character.The one with dark hair is So handsome *¬* and he got the worst partner EVER~ IMO ~

        • Ooh, speaking of BL. Have you watched Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi? If you do, how do you feel about it?
          Even though its cliche and nothing unique in terms of concepts, I still really liked it.

          • Yep :D .Though is an expected pattern from the writer of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi it’s still cute and lovable.I never liked the art so i’m watching them only for the plot and their(charas) feelings :3. BTW Aren’t somehow many,MANY BL anime/manga all a “little” cliche?
            What did you think of Koisuru Boukun? :p

            • Definitely. It was really adorable. My favorite pairing was YukinaxKisa. They’re so cute especially with the sketchbook kiss.
              Yeah, haha. But what makes them each different is the way they use cliches and their characters.
              I LOVE Koisuru Boukun. I watched the OVA (I think it was an OVA) first and fell in love with it. It was interesting. You don’t see a straight guy like that often. Then I read the manga and loved it even more. Did you like it?

              • XD I read the manga after i watched the OVA <3¬<3 .How i understood the manga is already completed :( I expected more
                IS GOOD WHAT ENDS GOOD :D
                I also adore the YukinaxKisa pairing ,though i adore all of them .All charas are like some small rabbits that you want to cuddle CX

                • Yeah, it’s already finished. For me, I thought the ending was simple but it was perfect for them.
                  Lol, yeah. They are all really cute especially how they act around each other. I was always so excited to have the new ep come out. I think there’s going to be a few new BL series that’ll be coming out so I’m looking forward to that. :3

                  • O.O Really?!! I have to check MAL :(
                    It’s SO GREAT that yaoi becomes more and more popular by years :D

                    • yes, do it. haha, have you seen any that seem interesting so far?

                    • Maybe Yebisu Celebrities.It seems interesting.but somehow i can’t get any time to watch anime so i don’t know :P.And i didn’t look too much in MAL so it was by mere chance that i found YC :D.Maybe i’ll search more…..

  2. Sorry for not replying in so long. Tight Rope just came out recently, I believe. Have you heard of it before?

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