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Marathon or Not?- Uraboku

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru [or Uraboku for short]

[A summary written from the few episodes that I’ve watched so far.]

A teenager named Yuki has been an orphan ever since he was a baby and growing up, not knowing who his parents, relatives, and familial connections, he always wondered ‘For what reason was I born? What’s my purpose for being in this world?’ Soon, a man named Takashiro shows up claiming Yuki’s his brother and part of the Giou clan, people gifted with special abilities to fight Duras, evil demons that appear on Earth. It is also known that Yuki’s powers are still dormant but commencing to fully awaken. Then, there’s a man named Zess constantly coming to Yuki in times of need, saving him from harm. Yuki somehow feels like he’s known Zess and Zess is somehow connected to these ‘flashbacks of the past’ that Yuki occasionally sees in the form of a dream.

I started watching Uraboku about a week ago but being picky about the series that I watch, the first episode has yet to capture my attention. The beginning wasn’t exciting enough to motivate me into continuing with episode two; however, at some point, puzzling scenes convinced me into labeling the series as one that would be put on hold. Finally, today, I began watching the second episode…

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Rail Tracing

Rail Tracing= tracing along the rails?
ahh, lets see… I type exactly how I would say it if I were to talk to you, in person that is. So, instead of having it seem as if I’m writing and someone is reading, I like to think of it more being similar to you and I conversing~~
[I’ve noticed something. o_o . Even though it says ____ Anime Blog, it doesn’t mean in any way that it’s just about anime. If I were to add any more words, it would’ve been too long. heh. -_-”]